GSoC Week 8 Experience: Migrating EHR to Laravel - User Module & Roles Module

GSoC Week 8 Experience: Migrating EHR to Laravel - User Module & Roles Module

"Add User via Invitation' Implementation


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Welcome to the eighth week of my incredible journey in the Google Summer of Code program. This week has been filled with exciting developments, as I continued to make substantial progress in the Users Module. In this blog post, I am delighted to share updates on the achievements from the past week, including the implementation of the "Invitation Module" and the enhancements made to the "Add Users" form.

Progress Made:

Updated the 'Add Users' Form:

I dedicated my efforts to improving the user experience by updating the 'Add Users' form. I carefully reviewed the existing UI and addressed any inconsistencies or design issues. The updates ensure that the form is intuitive and user-friendly, providing a seamless process for adding a user.

Add User Logic Implementation:

Once the UI is ready, I created the logic in the backend for adding the user. For that, I need to update and add new columns in the database. For this, I updated the seed that was created and updated the user table. After this I added the logic where a new user is created and selected roles are assigned after submitting the form/

Implemented the "Invitation Module":

One of the major milestones achieved this week was the successful implementation of the "Invitation Module." With this module in place, a new user is sent an invitation email upon being added to the system. The invitation email contains a unique link that allows the user to add their profile password and activate their account. After successfully completing this step the user is redirected to the login page for login into Librehealth.

Next Week's Plan:

Dashboard UI for Sent Invitations:

To enhance the administrative experience, I plan to create a dashboard UI for tracking and managing sent invitations. This dashboard will provide an overview of all pending and accepted invitations, streamlining the invitation process.

Form Validation

Looking ahead to the upcoming week, I will focus on adding validation and response messages to the forms. By incorporating validation, we can ensure that all required fields are properly filled, reducing the chances of errors during user registration. Additionally, the implementation of response messages will provide users with real-time feedback on the status of their actions.


This week had a great learning curve for me as I had never created an Invitation based user addition on Laravel. I learned many new things and after the successful implementation of this feature, it really feels good.

Over the next weeks, I will be focusing on access control over major modules and then our project will have an end for the term of GSOC.

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